Is Your Business Ready For The Profit Revolution?
Make More Money NOW While Scaling To 7-Figure Profit.
Tailor your business with systems that shine a light on your unique brilliance...

You’ve tried all the programs and courses, but you're still stuck...

The cookie cutter methods serve the masses but you were left stranded because they are designed to work around the creator’s obstacles, to get to the creator’s outcomes. The formula never even mentioned the problem you are facing.  That leaves you not only with no solution to your hurdles, you’re beating yourself up for being stuck.

The cookie cutter methods are filled with tactics not strategy to design your business in a way that suits you best. Tactics tell you how to get this specific thing done, while strategy shows you the options to how it could be completed.  Ideally you have great questions and a sounding board to create the right strategy.

This is why your business strategy has to be a custom fit.  You’ll start attracting better clients who are clamoring to work with you, because you create a business that is unique, awesome and totally YOU.   With the business designed around delivering your purpose, you are freed up to focus on connection and transformation.

Authenticity Creates Flow!

Showing up empowered and trusting your decisions, puts you at the helm of a business machine in service to you and your vision.  Once you create that irresistible effect, objections fade away and you start showing up in a bigger way.

Why? Because you’re not trying to fit into some mold, instead you're being authentic, and that’s what The Profit Revolution is all about.

I’m Jen Kline Clark...

Profit Coach for ambitious coaches and experts who want to scale to multiple 6 figures by owning their truth…

And I get it!

You’re incredibly gifted at what you do and your services create a massive impact on your clients' lives.

Yet you are stuck in this loop of getting the same mediocre results and your next level feels just out of reach.

I see this every day and you’re not alone…

So many incredible coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs get caught up in over-thinking or other self-sabotaging behaviors, wondering how to be more authentic in the world of business, and have their business work to free them up to be the expert - and get paid like one!

I help my clients create profitable results by doing exactly that. I know you have big goals and I’m here to help make sure you’re growing a business that’s in service to you.

The Profit Revolution Puts Your Purpose At The Core Of Your Business By Focusing On Just 3 Things

Create Your Roadmap

Every business has the same major components but every entrepreneur can determine which option is best for their personality in order to turn the business into the profitable one that got them started in the first place.

Own Your Worth

We equip you with a set of tools for you to increase your internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others and minimize the behaviors that creep up with negative thoughts.

Embody Your Results

In order to call in your next level of income, the key is to embody the outcome on a daily basis using processes and exercises that become your own. Become the fully-expressed, bold, forward-facing entrepreneur who is showing up to get you where you want to go. 

With the right strategy and powerful daily actions being taken by the highest version of yourself, your income can finally match your ambition.

Bunmi Oguntunde
United Kingdom
"Thank you for clarity and a sense of direction… I've got two websites up and running that I never had before I've been in business for 15 years. Never had a website, never been on social media. Your tough love is beautiful. Sometimes you do need the kick, and then your compassion at the same time. So for me, in a short space of time, I've had a shift and you're part of that shift and transformation. So thank you so much."


The Profit Revolution

The Profit Revolution isn't a coaching program like all the others you may have taken.
It's a complete transformational process that will change your business, income, and impact.
Customize Your Step-By-Step Action Plan with 1-1 Professional Guidance to Fill Your Coaching Program & to Reach What’s Possible After the Bills Are Paid.
It is time you feel like you are understood and people realize what you are up to. You have a place to ask your questions, create a game plan, and work in a no judgment zone when the plan veered off course because life intervened. Be in the place where you can keep adjusting to accommodate new information and new circumstances.

You know you are close to the gold. Get the support to determine your best route to your desired outcome and the tools to help you stay focused and fired up about your purpose.

Get farther quicker in a like-minded, purpose-driven community that believes a rising tide lifts all boats. It's the supportive, cheerleading, powerful hive you've been looking for to make the leaps towards your big mission.

Together, we increase our businesses' profit, not by shrinking costs but by growing sales.

Let’s talk about what’s waiting for you inside the Profit Revolution program when you join…

The Secret to making your visions become a reality…
Start your business plan with a revolutionary way to think about the most important part of your business! Right off the bat, we'll discuss why revenue is not the goal and how to create a financial outcome that is far more juicier to YOU! Set the vision and then connect it to a plan that lights you up. We know you've got a big vision, and Profit Revolution will absolutely help you break it all down into bite-sized, profitable steps.
Discover your number…
Rethink the purpose of your profits using a Seven-Gear Assessment to expand your vision of what you want your revenue to cover in the next 90 days.
The truth about who's running your business…
Become the person you want running your business. How do you define your Tenacious Renegade? We use a series of tools to help you flush out who this person is and what you can do to step into that vision every single day.
The quickest way to your "Now Money"…
Your offer is one of the most important elements when it comes to building a profitable business around your expertise. You want to design a strategic set of offers to create a sustainable path to the income you intend to make. We’ll get crystal clear on your ideal client and your path to your client's transformation.

But the offer isn’t right until you know it is viable. This is where you connect the dots between how much you want to make and your plan to get there.

Lastly, we test the offer to ensure it resonates with your audience in a way that it’s clear that you are speaking to them. 
Build the next track to build out next…
Many entrepreneurs are so confused and frustrated with how to market and sell in their business. There are several paths, so which ones do you choose? Which one do you do first? Which ones do stack on top of the other? Here we lay down the information so you can decide which marketing strategy is right for you, your business and at the stage you’re currently at in your business.  

We ensure you have the three main marketing areas in order first (Traffic, Leads, & Connect) and then look to other areas of the business that can be systematized, automated or delegated.  

Traffic: How to get people who do not yet know you, to want to be in your world

Lead: How to take your audience from watchers to engaged

Connect: How to take the engaged to say YES to your offer by creating an easy comfortable way of selling. Make it easy for them to say YES with your irresistible offer and get comfortable selling without being salesy or tactics that do not serve your prospects. Instead create a conversation that is coming from the heart and it’s filled with authenticity and grace.
The secret to your best 90 days…
"We tend to overestimate what we can DO in a day, yet we VASTLY underestimate what we can accomplish in a YEAR."

We chunk your annual goals into 90-day tailored, step-by-step, action plans by zeroing in on specific outcome-oriented goals, reverse engineer to determine the steps to make it happen, then frame the work in time blocks with new habits and support you need.

Get more done and make more money every 90 days. With this framework you'll be amazed at how far you've come in just one year!
Uncover how you can “Feed The Awesome” and “Starve The Critic”...
You were put on this planet to do big things, but sometimes our best intentions get sidetracked. It’s not enough to have a rock solid plan; you also need tools for the times when you fall off the path. Consider this your tool box of confidence! Armed with strategy and personal power, building your profitable business feels doable and inevitable.
Gloria Russell
Minnesota, USA
"Jen… You have just been such a joy to me and such an inspiration, and I can hear the Jen voice talking to me sometimes. It's your marketing that really has to come first because otherwise what clients are you going to have later… I mean, so many words of wisdom and I just treasure all those insights."

I’m on a mission!

The Profit Revolution Manifesto

Entrepreneurs are at the leading edge of the world's next chapter.

We make more money and keep more of it.

We have funds for our now and for our future.

We're putting wealth into the hands of more families to change the world.

We have business operations that generate income even when the owners are off playing, and often because of the play.

We're enabled to put exponentially more money into the things that matter to us.

We have cashflow to withstand change and necessary pivots.

We have multiple streams of income.

We live full out, play full out, work intentionally and give with impactful glee.

There's a better way...

We focus on creating more profit, not by reducing expenses or fiddling with statements, but by focusing on what more money brings - more transformations and more life upgrades.

Get support in real-time to handle the issues you are facing.

Work within a container for entrepreneurs to rise up and create businesses that support all the aspects of the business owner and the clients.

Be the change you want in your world by fully embracing your authentic self; delivering on your purpose, and having wealth to make lasting contributions.

Why choose this renegade...

I am straight-shooter who is driven to see people succeed. I mix pragmatic with woo, money with fun, and laughter with action.

I’m a wife and mom to two grade school age kids. I am a lawyer by trade with a curvy path through service, charter schools, nonprofits, marketing and coaching. I built and sold a thriving advertising business. When I realized my clients came for the ads but stayed for my business guidance, I decided to put my focus on their success. Which led me here.

In the five years I have been coaching, the consistent thread I hear from clients is my ability to peel back the bullshit and give them back their underlying truth clearly so we can collaborate on a doable action plan.

My superpower is the ability to see where you are headed, reverse engineer the ways to get there, and stay beside you step-by-step.
Denise Oliver
United Kingdom
"Right from the start, the clarity that you brought... You have that experience and also that, kick-ass kindness. You are direct, but genuinely I get a sense of you want me to be the best that I can be, that comes along with it as well. So I'm really, really grateful. Thank you."

Maybe you're thinking…

 I've tried working with a coach before and I'm still not profitable...

Most programs give you content and leave you to it. You may have signed up for a course but need guidance to make it work for you and your business. That's a good thing! I know that sounds crazy at first, but now you know what to look for! The Profit Revolution helps you create the blueprint for your business, and then supports you to help you get to your outcomes.

Can't I just narrow my focus and block my calendar?

Simple is not the same as easy. The Profit Revolution is about zeroing in on your #1 Priority and then staying right alongside you to help you stay on the path, and help you get back on when obstacles and setbacks hit. This is to help you call on your best self and give you the support and tools.

I don't care about the money. I just want to do good work...

Money is a tool. The more you make, the more clients can receive transformation... AND the more impact you can have with the profit! The Profit Revolution is about building a business that funds your whole life, for now and the future and to fund the areas that you want to see change in the world. 

I don't have the money...

The Profit Revolution is designed to make your investment back in the 90 days, plus some. What makes this exponentially powerful is that once you know how to design your blueprint, you can use it over and over again. And, we kick things off with the $10k in 10 Days Challenge, so you can make money before we even start.

I already have too much on my plate; I can't add another thing...

This is exactly what the Profit Revolution was designed to help and shift! Use the program's design to set yourself up for success. Focus in on what's most important for this stage of your business and remove the shiny objects. Then keep executing on the critical steps by getting out of your own way with support and resources.

 Your best 90 days is just ahead... inside The Profit Revolution!

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