Fix Your Offer Intensive
If you are not making consistent sales,
it’s because services don’t sell. 

Magnetic offers do.

Does this sound like you?

Are you an purpose-driven service provider who's passionate about delivering premium results to clients but feels stuck at your current income level?

Despite making decent money, do you find yourself struggling to generate significant profits? You've tried numerous approaches, yet nothing seems to break you out of this trap.

It's time for a solution that works.  Tailored for you.

Don't let common obstacles hold your business back! These roadblocks include:

  • Underpricing;
  • An offer that doesn't magnetize your ideal clients;
  • ​Lack of exposure to new audiences;
  • ​Failure to ask for the sale;
  • ​Inconsistent closing rates;
  • ​Social media engagement that doesn't translate into sales;
  • ​Overwhelming new clients; and
  • ​Neglecting to ask for testimonials.

Let us help you overcome these hurdles and achieve the success you deserve.

Fixing your offer will revolutionize your business:

  • Powerfully boost your profits with a pricing strategy that hits the sweet spot, maximizing your bottom line by charging the perfect price for the unbeatable value you deliver
  • ​Unleash your full potential with a razor-sharp business strategy that dives deep into your target market, captivating them with irresistible marketing tactics.
  • Effectively prioritize tasks to focus on high-impact activities that increase profitability.
  • ​Captivate your audience and leave them yearning for more as you effectively communicate the value of your transformative services.
  • ​Develop an unbeatable sales strategy to convert leads into paying clients, increasing profitability.
What would it be like when you have the right offer?
All of a sudden you're not just making the money to run your business.  There's the money you get to keep.
Here's some of the things that your profits pay for:
  • Invest in your business: Consider the improvements you'd make to improve the quality of your services, to increase you marketing efforts, and to hire additional support to expand your reach
  • Achieve financial security: Imagine using the profits to create financial security for yourself and your family, such as paying off debt, saving for retirement, and creating an emergency fund.
  • Enjoy a better quality of life: Picture using the profits to enjoy taking vacations, pursuing hobbies, upgrading, renovaitng, or spending more time with loved ones.
  • ​Give back to your community: Feel the power of using the profits to give back to your community by supporting local charities, volunteering her time or resources, or creating a social impact through your business.
  • ​Build a legacy: Envision using the profits to build a lasting legacy by creating a business that has a positive impact on your industry or the world, or by passing your business down to future generations.
Imagine not choosing between them, but having the profit to say YES to all of them.
Bunmi Oguntunde
United Kingdom
"Thank you for clarity and a sense of direction… I've got two websites up and running that I never had before I've been in business for 15 years. Never had a website, never been on social media. Your tough love is beautiful. Sometimes you do need the kick, and then your compassion at the same time. So for me, in a short space of time, I've had a shift and you're part of that shift and transformation. So thank you so much."

What is the Fix Your Offer Intensive

The Fix Your Offer Intensive gives you the
clarity , strategy and support to
make more sales.

This is how :

#1 Inventory: We start with taking a current inventory of your current offer: your pricing, products, number of clients, current audience, ideal client, visibility, the number of offers, and your expenses.  Then we craft a vision of your ideal future based on the Be, Do, Have model.  This session is designed to create the tension necessary between your now and your future. 

#2  In the Blueprint Session I will draft a map that identifies the
key initiatives for the next 90 days. 
Together we will craft the action plan that
feels doable and that you are excited to implement. 

#3  Support and Accountability every step of the way with
NINE 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions and
Voxer support as often as you need,(often within 15 minutes
and always within one business day).

Fix Your Offer is a deep dive into your business and your goals
with customized one-on-one coaching.

Together we can unpack what needs to be tweaked for you, design a powerful blueprint and get to work to build a business you love and that loves you back. 

It's finally your turn!

The Fix Your Offer Intensive is not your typical business course, where you get loads of cookie-cutter videos (that you may or may not ever watch) with little to no personal support.

The Fix Your Offer Intensive’s 90-Day Blueprint that is designed around helping you, exactly where you are, design exactly where you want to go, and the path to get there.
  • Inventory & Vision session (2.5- 3 hours where you talk and I do the heavy lifting.
  • Blueprint Session (1 hour to map out the next 90 days).
  • Immediate Support: Use Voxer or messager as often as you need, often within 15 minutes and always within one business day.
  • Three 30 minute coaching sessions per month.
  • Focused Implementation Blocks where you decide on one project to focus on and I will be available in the moment to assist, tweak or help you get unstuck.
  • ​Community
    Membership to our Private Facebook Group to stay connected and resourced with your entrepreneurial community during the 90 Day Blueprint.
Gloria Russell
Minnesota, USA
"Jen… You have just been such a joy to me and such an inspiration, and I can hear the Jen voice talking to me sometimes. It's your marketing that really has to come first because otherwise what clients are you going to have later… I mean, so many words of wisdom and I just treasure all those insights."

It’s Time To Choose You...

If you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last thought with you. Maybe you're thinking...

“It all sounds great, but I just don’t have the ______ (insert circumstance here)”, then YOU are not making the choice. You’re letting your circumstances make your choices for you.  Circumstances are mostly in our heads. They’re “time and money” excuses we make as a way of staying in our comfort zone rather than stepping up to play a bigger game.

Greatness and success don’t care about your circumstances. Success always finds a way. Greatness always plays a way bigger game. 

Choose you. 

Click the button above and let's get started!

I’m Jen Kline Clark & I’m on a mission

I have seen tons of brilliant, transformative entrepreneurs who give the business everything, yet are stuck behind too many bills, un-lived dreams, and a heavy dose of doubt. 

There's a better way...

Work within a container designed around the unique needs of purpose-driven service providers to rise up and create a new chapter of entrepreneurship. Let’s make create the next generation of women owned businesses that fund their lives, communities and the change they want to see in the world!

I’m a wife and mom to two grade school age kids. I am a lawyer by trade with a curvy path through service, charter schools, nonprofits, marketing and coaching. I built and sold a thriving advertising business. When I realized my clients came for the ads but stayed for my business guidance, I decided to put my focus on their success. Which led me here.

I am straight-shooter who is driven to see people succeed. I mix pragmatic with woo, money with fun, and laughter with action.

In the five years I have been coaching, the consistent thread I hear from clients is my ability to peel back the bullshit and give them back their underlying truth clearly so we can collaborate on a doable action plan.

My superpower is the ability to see where you are headed, reverse engineer the ways to get there, and stay beside you step-by-step.
Denise Oliver
United Kingdom
"Right from the start, the clarity that you brought... You have that experience and also that, kick-ass kindness. You are direct, but genuinely I get a sense of you want me to be the best that I can be, that comes along with it as well. So I'm really, really grateful. Thank you."

Maybe you're thinking…

 I've tried working with a coach before and I'm still not profitable...

Most programs give you content and leave you to it. You may have signed up for a course but need guidance to make it work for you and your business. That's a good thing! I know that sounds crazy at first, but now you know what to look for!
The Fix Your Offer Intensive helps you create the blueprint for your business, and then supports you to help you get to your outcomes.

Can't I just narrow my focus and block my calendar?

Simple is not the same as easy. The Fix Your Offer Intensive is about zeroing in on your #1 Priority and then staying right alongside you to help you stay on the path, and help you get back on when obstacles and setbacks hit. This is to help you call on your best self and give you the support and tools.

I don't care about the money. I just want to do good work...

Money is a tool. The more you make, the more clients can receive transformation... AND the more impact you can have with the profit! The Fix Your Offer Intensive is about building a business that funds your whole life, for now and the future and to fund the areas that you want to see change in the world. 

I don't have the money...

The Fix Your Offer Intensive is designed to make your investment back in the 90 days, plus some. What makes this exponentially powerful is that once you know how to design your blueprint, you can use it over and over again. And, we kick things off with the $10k in 10 Days Challenge, so you can make money before we even start.

I already have too much on my plate, I can't add another thing...

This is exactly what the The Fix Your Offer Intensive was designed to help and shift! Use the program's design to set yourself up for success. Focus in on what's most important for this stage of your business and remove the shiny objects. Then keep executing on the critical steps by getting out of your own way with support and resources.

 Your best 90 days is just ahead... it starts with your blueprint!

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